Lorainne Moar - The Shed Health Club

Lorainne Moar

Personal Trainer

I am passionate about giving young people the opportunity to remain active throughout their youth, which will provide children of all ages the chance to try new things and discover new passions, which can be highly beneficial for their general development. Having been a fitness enthusiast for many years, I am very much enjoying passing down my experiences to the younger generation at The Shed Health Club. Teen gym is conducted professionally, safely but most importantly I make sure the kids have fun and build their confidence! Latterly, a goal of mine was to qualify as a coach, to help and encourage people achieve what they never thought was possible. Throughout my life I have always enjoyed helping in any environment with any generation. Rachel once said to me ‘You can do it’ and I did do it. I’m Lorainne, You can do it too.

Areas of Expertise and Qualifications